MassChallenge, probably the best startup competition in the world

On January 31 the White House celebrated the MassChallenge Startup Competition and Accelerator as one of the most promising initiatives in the USA for supporting entrepreneurs and announced MassChallenge as a partner in the new Startup America Partnership, an independent entity co-funded by the Kauffman Foundation and the Case Foundation to celebrate, inspire, and accelerate once more time high-growth entrepreneurship. But, what makes MassChallenge so special?

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Guest posting at

I’m trilled to announce that I have recently started guest posting at TheSTARTUP European Startups, European Entrepreneurs of @stefanobernardi. Stefano is a brilliant Italo-French guy. He works as investment analyst at dPixel Venture Capital, the leading italian early-stage venture capital firm.  He also sits on the Board of Directors of Startup Commons and is the Italian Ambassador for Sandbox, the closed network of under-30 overachievers.  At the moment, he is also working on, a web-based deal flow and portfolio management application for business angels and small VC funds initially developed for his BSc thesis in computer and software engineering.

Not surprisingly, I will write about the start-up and entrepreneurship world. However, the style will always be the same: bringing facts and figures rather than mere opinions. The first post wants to report  an analysis of Kauffman Foundation finding out that jobs created by startup ventures are not as volatile as it is generally thought. In fact, they are remarkably durable. To know more details and go to the article, you can click here.