The blog, where the name comes from and its scope

We” because I believe in the social impact of Innovation: value and wealth creation for the company or public authority nurturing it, for its stakeholders and the whole ecosystem around them. “Innov8”  is both to make the name kind of catchier and to stress on the concept that Innovation must be a structured, manageable and eventually measurable process. Don’t you know? You can improve only what you can measure. And, in my humble opinion, we should base these decisions on numbers. “!” because Innovation matters. Innovate or die! And that is not an opinion…

This is meant to be a virtual space where sharing views and insights on the very broad topic of Innovation. Here, the official language is English.  However, since my mother tongue is Italian, please do not hesitate to ask for a translation of what is here published.

In conclusion, We Innov8! wants to nurture Innovation by tapping down the buzz around it. How can this be possible? By bringing facts and figures rather than mere opinions.

Something about me

Floriano Bonfigli. Happily married and everyday surprised by his wonderful 2 daughters. At the moment, living in beautiful Porto San Giorgio, Italy.

Educated in the engineering field around Europe: Bologna, Glasgow and London. Already worked as Research Engineer in the automotive sector, Structural Analyst in the composite field, Free-lance Composite Material Technology Broker and eventually Product Manager in a multinational ICT group. Lately been involved in Innovation Management after taking a course in Technologies and Management of Innovation at ISTAO business school and a study tour at MIT and Harvard Business School in Cambridge, MA, USA.

Currently early-stage entrepreneur in the mobile health sector and innovation advisor at ISTAO, one of the oldest business schools in Italy.

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