Crowdsourcing a lecture on Regional Innovation Ecosystems

It’s been a while since my last post here at We Innov8! Main reason is I landed a great consulting opportunity at ISTAO, one of the oldest business schools in Italy, which has recently kept me quite busy, fortunately. By the way, have I ever told you that the collaboration with ISTAO started just by showing them this blog, in the end by showing them what I was passionate about? Going straight to the point, just in conjunction with the business school, I’m giving a lecture on Regional Innovation Ecosystems in a post-graduate course at the Faculty of Economics of the University of Palermo, in Sicily.

The Gulf of Mondello in Palermo, by lorca56 on Flickr

It will happen in mid-Febrary 2012 and I have decided to share the slides of the lecture I’m building. Reasons are several. First of all, I’ve experienced this situation over and over again, we can’t have tight, closed-up systems. They work worse than open systems, period. Secondly, the central value of a lecture is the human experience of the lecturer working with students in the classroom and students learning from each other. MIT have been sharing their lecture notes, exams, and videos for free and without any sort of registration required since 2001; it is the MIT Open Course Ware. There is no reason why I can’t do the same.

Finally, I’m asking for your support. In fact, what I’m presenting is a literature review on this subject. Therefore, your contribution is more than welcome. If you have read or seen something interesting or, even better, if you want to share your own experience with local innovation clusters, please fell free to comment below. And if things get interesting, I’ll try to contact you directly. The very first release of the presentation will be on-line in a couple of days.
Stay tuned!


About Floriano Bonfigli
Floriano Bonfigli, husband and father. European rather than Italian. Educated at University of Bologna, Strathclyde University and Imperial College of London. Already worked as Research Engineer, Composite Engineer and Structural Analyst in the automotive, aerospace and marine sectors. Also spent some years in IT Product Management. Gerson Lerhman Group Council Member and Educator. Studied Innovation Technology & Management at ISTAO. Currently taking buzz out of Innovation at We Innov8! Last but not least, soccer player and basketball viewer...

2 Responses to Crowdsourcing a lecture on Regional Innovation Ecosystems

  1. Excellent Floriano, I really appreciate this post and your vision. We are just launching an open social innovation app over Facebook and LinkedIN: MagmaRoom. For me it will be a pleasure to share with you and the rest of the people that follow this blog this launch in order to improve the tool and contributing to the open innovation movement. We understand it as social because today people are in the social networks and also from a social point of view: we can give to the people tools to show their talent to the main brands but also to find colleagues for innovating under the co-create scheme. Thanks a lot for this post

  2. Hello Carlos,
    I’m glad you enjoyed my post. Please, let us know more about the launch of your app. It looks interesting and hopefully useful to me too.


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