Coming soon, 2010 MIT Europe Conference, the report

Achieving Growth Through Strategic Innovation has been the third in the “Innovation in Europe” series conference the Massachusetts Institute of Technology has held in Europe.

It’s been co-organized by MIT Industrial Liaison Program (ILP), the organization dedicated to creating relationship between MIT and corporations worldwide and Agoria, the Belgium’s largest employers’ organisation and trade association. In fact, it has taken place in Brussels, the 11th and 12th of October. Among the speakers, it is worth mentioning Andrew McAfee, also known for coining the phrase “Enterprise 2.0”, Ray Kurzweil author of bestseller “Age of Spiritual Machines” and “The Singularity is Near” and Henk van Houten, Senior Vice President and Program Manager at Healthcare Philips Research who has given a talk about “Meaningful Innovation in Healthcare”.

I have also covered the event for Istituto Adriano Olivetti (ISTAO), one of the oldest Management Schools in Italy, founded in 1967 by Giorgio Fuà on the initiative of the Social Science Research Council of the United States and the Italian Adriano Olivetti Foundation.

A full report in English is about to come then on this blog. Stay tuned!


About Floriano Bonfigli
Floriano Bonfigli, husband and father. European rather than Italian. Educated at University of Bologna, Strathclyde University and Imperial College of London. Already worked as Research Engineer, Composite Engineer and Structural Analyst in the automotive, aerospace and marine sectors. Also spent some years in IT Product Management. Gerson Lerhman Group Council Member and Educator. Studied Innovation Technology & Management at ISTAO. Currently taking buzz out of Innovation at We Innov8! Last but not least, soccer player and basketball viewer...

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