When Apple talks about Innovation and leadership, Part II

In Part I, we spoke about some basic concepts of Innovation according to Apple and a bit of background of the company itself were reported.


Here you have Part II of the discussion.

What’s recently happened?

  • The market has changed: from mass and niche market to a multitude of  individual markets.
  • Each of them can be satisfied thanks to the technology. Referring to the John Maeda’s Laws of Simplicity, the technology itself is meant to simplify the usability of your product, therefore to make life easier.
  • However, sooner or later, what has been your own technology will be a commodity. Therefore, you should start to differentiate from your competitors by capitalizing on the emotions your product arouses.
  • Communicating emotions is very different from communicating all the features or just the price of your product. Have you ever seen an Apple ad listing product features or prices? Take a look at this series of 20 Get a Mac ads, packed all together.

  • However, where should you communicate your product emotions? On telly? Girls and boys spend 30% less time than ever before on watching TV. Where are they now?

What about your companies? An innovative company should

  • tend to have a flat structure: between Steve Jobs and the Italy MD there are 5 levels of hierarchy. You can see up to 15 levels in other groups. We all live in an agile world where more is less!
  • set up interfunctional teams sharing all issues and opportunities right from the beginning of a project.
  • not be afraid of the co-opetition.
  • reward the Innovation nurtured by its employees. He did not say how, unfortunately.
  • Do not forget the drawback of the Innovation: over-engineering and technology push.

That’s all for this workshop report. Let’s briefly move to my own takeaways :

  • follow the technology trends,
  • be adaptable and agile,
  • follow Maeda’s Laws of Semplicity and
  • communicate the emotions associated to your product.

And to conclude, what are yours?


About Floriano Bonfigli
Floriano Bonfigli, husband and father. European rather than Italian. Educated at University of Bologna, Strathclyde University and Imperial College of London. Already worked as Research Engineer, Composite Engineer and Structural Analyst in the automotive, aerospace and marine sectors. Also spent some years in IT Product Management. Gerson Lerhman Group Council Member and Educator. Studied Innovation Technology & Management at ISTAO. Currently taking buzz out of Innovation at We Innov8! Last but not least, soccer player and basketball viewer...

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