When Apple talks about Innovation and leadership, Part I

I think it is a fairly good start for a blog sharing ideas on innovation reporting a workshop conducted by Apple Italy MD Ing. Enzo Biagini, talking about Innovation and Leadership to an audience of young Italian entrepreneurs running family businesses. I was there to listen to, to take notes and to live-tweet.

Apple Campus

Here you have Part I of the discussion.

Let’s start with the basics:

  • The definition of Innovation, according to Apple philosophy, is quite conventional: value creation for the company and its stakeholders, from employees to costumers. Then Innovation must be seen as cultural approach and spread horizontally all over the company.
  • The effort spent on R&D is not an Innovation metric, Innovation is not just new products.
  • The main drivers of Innovation are: knowledge, method, strong leadership, being even more important in crisis period, together with a bunch of pains rather than yes-men.

A bit of background then:

  • In 1997 Apple was not the company it is now in 2009.

MD Ing. Enzo Biagini showing how Apple was seen by the press in the 1997, a falling icon.

  • Steve Jobs came back and he redefined the mission of the company: “We are the ones who will change the world”. Do you remember the ad with Martin Luther King, Ghandi and Einstein among the others? Think different!
  • After redefining its mission, Apple sets a new strategy which is following the “Media Convergence” technology trend, as defined by MIT Media Lab Director Nicholas Negroponte.
  • At that time, Apple was not the strongest and not the smartest company. It just was the best at adapting to changes. Does the Charles Darwin’s Theory of Evolution ring you a bell?

That’s all for now, part II is coming in a couple of days. And thanks for reading.


About Floriano Bonfigli
Floriano Bonfigli, husband and father. European rather than Italian. Educated at University of Bologna, Strathclyde University and Imperial College of London. Already worked as Research Engineer, Composite Engineer and Structural Analyst in the automotive, aerospace and marine sectors. Also spent some years in IT Product Management. Gerson Lerhman Group Council Member and Educator. Studied Innovation Technology & Management at ISTAO. Currently taking buzz out of Innovation at We Innov8! Last but not least, soccer player and basketball viewer...

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