Crowdsourcing a lecture on Regional Innovation Ecosystems

It’s been a while since my last post here at We Innov8! Main reason is I landed a great consulting opportunity at ISTAO, one of the oldest business schools in Italy, which has recently kept me quite busy, fortunately. By the way, have I ever told you that the collaboration with ISTAO started just by showing them this blog, in the end by showing them what I was passionate about? Going straight to the point, just in conjunction with the business school, I’m giving a lecture on Regional Innovation Ecosystems in a post-graduate course at the Faculty of Economics of the University of Palermo, in Sicily.

The Gulf of Mondello in Palermo, by lorca56 on Flickr

It will happen in mid-Febrary 2012 and I have decided to share the slides of the lecture I’m building. Reasons are several. First of all, Read more of this post


MassChallenge, probably the best startup competition in the world

On January 31 the White House celebrated the MassChallenge Startup Competition and Accelerator as one of the most promising initiatives in the USA for supporting entrepreneurs and announced MassChallenge as a partner in the new Startup America Partnership, an independent entity co-funded by the Kauffman Foundation and the Case Foundation to celebrate, inspire, and accelerate once more time high-growth entrepreneurship. But, what makes MassChallenge so special?

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MIT Europe 2010 Conference in Brussels, the report

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology Industrial Liaison Program (MIT ILP) and Belgium’s largest employers’ organisation and trade association Agoria organized last October a 2 day conference titled Achieving Growth Through Strategic Innovation. Researchers from MIT, members of European institutions and industry representatives gathered at beautiful Egmont Palace in Brussels, Belgium, to share experiences and identify new opportunities coming from the innovation and researcher & development world. What follows is what I enjoyed most. At the end of the post, my own takeaways as usual.

Ray Kurzweil: The Web Within Us - When Minds And Machines Become One

The first day session was opened by the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD). Paris based but supported by over 30 countries. OECD provide them insights about a broad range of topics, among others Economy, Sustainability, Governance and Innovation. OECD gave a talk about innovation in these turbulent time. Read more of this post

Coming soon, 2010 MIT Europe Conference, the report

Achieving Growth Through Strategic Innovation has been the third in the “Innovation in Europe” series conference the Massachusetts Institute of Technology has held in Europe.

It’s been co-organized by MIT Industrial Liaison Program (ILP), the organization dedicated to creating relationship between MIT and corporations worldwide and Agoria, the Belgium’s largest employers’ organisation and trade association. In fact, it has taken place in Brussels, the 11th and 12th of October. Among the speakers, it is worth mentioning Andrew McAfee, also known for coining the phrase “Enterprise 2.0”, Ray Kurzweil author of bestseller “Age of Spiritual Machines” and “The Singularity is Near” and Henk van Houten, Senior Vice President and Program Manager at Healthcare Philips Research who has given a talk about “Meaningful Innovation in Healthcare”.

I have also covered the event for Istituto Adriano Olivetti (ISTAO), one of the oldest Management Schools in Italy, founded in 1967 by Giorgio Fuà on the initiative of the Social Science Research Council of the United States and the Italian Adriano Olivetti Foundation.

A full report in English is about to come then on this blog. Stay tuned!